About this Specialization

Course Overview

Our VFX compositing program is aimed at preparing the students who are deeply interested in working in film and TVC post production industry. This program will help interested students to achieve skills like editing, cinematography, Roto scoping, BG prep, matte painting, 2d tracking, 3d tracking, camera projection, multi layered compositing etc. Our course comprises of technical as well as artistic vision and this is the reason why we also train our students in appreciation of high art, film and other art forms because in the end, the artist has to make a shot which helps tell a story.

The content of our course is compressed in 9 months that means it is going to be rigorous and students will have to give their complete attention. So if you are interested and are ready to focus, we promise, at the end of the course you will have a completely different viewpoint on what it means to ‘see’.

Job Roles

In the final module, we will help the students to make their industry standard showreel which they can use to apply in any major post production facility for job roles like-

  • Rotoscoping Artist
  • BG Prep Artist
  • Matchmove Artist
  • Matte Painting Artist
  • Compositing Artist
  • Editor
  • Motion Graphic Artist etc.

Diploma in VFX and Compositing

Course Curriculum:
Duration: 9 months

Art and Design Foundation Students will understand Art and design from ground up. They will study history of films and VFX/SFX in films to understand the basis of how VFX helps in storytelling.
  • Art History (Understanding evolution of Art esp. Painting)
  • Film History
  • Special Effects/ VFX History
  • Presentation
Technical Foundation Students will go through a rigorous technical study to make them have strong understanding about technical aspects of computer graphics.
  • Understanding Computer
  • Understanding Digital Colour
  • Understanding Colour Operations
  • Understanding Data I/O / Compression
  • Study of Composition (Students will have to click photos)
  • Camera Technicals / Editing / Data Collection
  • Cinematography (Shooting a narrative without dialogue)
  • Rotoscoping Basics (Roto simple objects)
  • Using tracking to Roto simple objects
  • Roto organic objects
  • Creating clean plates
  • Tracking clean plates onto bg
  • Basics of Nuke 3D Environment
  • Projection on Geometry
  • Paint with projection
  • frame by frame paint – Nuke
  • frame by frame paint – Silhouette
  • Basic Keying
  • Basic colour correction
  • Basic Compositing
Tools and Techniques Practical knowledge of softwares which includes Nuke, Silhouette, After Effects, Maya etc. Students will also learn effective techniques to achieve most common tasks in vfx.
  • Advanced Keying
  • Advanced Keying
  • Advanced Colour Correction
  • Advanced Colour Correction
  • Match Grain
  • Understanding Lighting Passes
  • Compositing Passes
  • Maya Interface
  • Basic Modeling
  • BasicTexturing
  • Basic Animation
  • Basic Lighting/Rendering
  • Basic Dynamics
  • Soft/Rigid bodies
  • Maya particle system (2d container)
  • Maya particle system (3d container)
  • Maya fluid system
Students will create their work reel according to the industry standard with the assistance of the instructor.

Lead Trainer

Ankit Mishra VFX Artist

Hailing from the capital city of Delhi, Ankit Mishra, has a great deal of experience in VFX and Compositing. He started his career as Cartoon Animator and till now has worked with many Companies as VFx Compositor/Bg-Prep/Roto Artist.

Student Demoreel


Can I get into any time of the year?

Candidate can register for Schedule Batches as per academic Calendar. Kindly contact Course Counsellor for the same.

Can I get a job just after finishing this?

The Course is designed towards skilling the candidates as per Industry requirements. Candidates need to register with Central Placement Cell to access all job postings at that point in time.

Can I do this from my home?

Yes, as it is an online programme you can do it from anywhere. All you need is a device and good internet connection.

How can I pay?

Payment can be done at the office or online payment gateway as guided by the course counsellor.

What is the refund policy?

The Fees is non- refundable, unless candidate drops out of the course in writing at least 2 days before start of the programme.

Can I do two courses in same center?

You can pursue multiple courses at the centre, however academically it is advisable to focus on one course in a given point in time. Picasso Speed retains the right to deny access to anyone courses at its centres or online.

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