360® Development The Grind

~ Picasso’s In-campus Studio ~
Anchor Partners: Paperboat Animation
Picasso Animation College introduces a distinctive and valuable initiative
for students to give them a professional edge when they get out there and
join the Animation industry.
The Grind is a 3 month module embedded in the MSc, BSc and Star
Programs, where students work pro bono in Picasso’s new and state of the
art In-Campus Studio to produce an animated program – film/ television/
commercial/ gaming. This will be their first real animation project for
external clients in the industry, and bridges the gap between academic
excellence and industry experience.
The Studio, currently in Delhi Centre, has been set up by a professional
production house and is equipped with complete production equipment
and heirarchies. Mr. Soumitra Ranade, head of partners Paperboat
Animation Studios, also heads the Picasso Academic Councilnd is a senior
and respected animation professional.
The Grind is a radical and effective methodology that Picasso students use
as a useful stepping stone to a successful career in animation.
By working on a project for the market, they have already begun to build
their professional portfolio. Their work is out there for the world to see.
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